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Men: – How To Give Yourself A Facial At Home.


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No longer the sole reserve of the fairer sex, increasing numbers of men are realizing that even the toughest of skin requires a little TLC now and again. According to research by Mintel, last year 20 per cent of fellas treated themselves to a professional skincare treatment – but if you’re still not ready to step into the spa, or are trying to save money for your summer wardrobe updates, all is not lost.

Step One: Cleanse

“Skin damage from shaving routines can’t be fixed with soap and water so, really, men probably need facials more than women thanks to their coarser skin and larger pores,” says facialist Jordan Samuel Pacitti. This means cleansing your skin to rid it of any residual gunk is vital to achieving salon-level results.

“Lightly rub with cleansing cream, and leave it on your skin for at least two minutes to give it chance to dissolve any dirt and oil. Then wipe your face – gently – with cotton wool.”

Step Two: Exfoliate

“Exfoliation clears out and refines the skin’s surface, so it’s important not to scrimp on this step,” muses Pacitti. “To remove deep-seated dirt and dry skin, moisten with warm water and gently massage some facial scrub onto your face, avoiding the delicate area around your eyes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Just don’t scrub too hard or do it too frequently or you will damage your epidermis.”

Step Three: Steam

Anyone who follows Dr Pimple Popper on Instagram will know the best bit of any facial is the ‘extractions’ (the process of clearing a clogged pore by manual or mechanical means). To do them properly at home, you’re going to need to get steamy. This will help with the pain of removing spots, blackheads and whiteheads – which shouldn’t be underestimated.

“The majority of women have an understanding that a certain amount of pain comes with beauty [treatments], waxing or whatever. And then come the men – guys who can play football, who can lift refrigerators – and they’re cringing, whimpering. I’ve had crying in my room. I’m totally serious,” says aesthetician Hillary Sklar.

“Steam will loosen any build-up, go grab a 5X mirror, and place a bowl of boiling water in front of you. Then, lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel so that the steam will reach your face, and stay in that position for about five minutes. You should then be able to pinch out any blemishes with minimal pain.”

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Step Four: Mask

“The years and unhealthy living remove the moisture from your skin,” says Hollywood facialist Su-Man Hsu. “A mask helps to put it back.”

Masks are available from a variety of grooming brands at various price points, but the most important thing is to pick one that is formulated for your skin type. “If you have an oily face, go for an exfoliating or clay-based mask, and for dry skin, opt for an intensive moisturizing one. Then ensure you follow the instructions to the letter” according to the experts at Natura Bisse.

Step Five: Close Your Pores

Once the mask is done with, remove it with warm water. Your pores will be open after this, so to prevent dirt from entering, you need to close them back up again.

“To do this, simply splash your face with cold water, concentrating on your nose and wherever you’ve got large pores, then dry your skin by gently dabbing with a soft flannel,” say the experts at skincare gurus Natura Bissé.

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Step Six: Tone Up

Although it’s often the step that’s skipped, toner shouldn’t be ignored – it’s the key to refreshing your skin and getting rid of oil. “Apply a toner on areas prone to acne and blemishes,” says Sklar. “The only exception is if you have very dry skin, as they will make your skin [even] drier.”

Step Seven: Eyes

The most common reason men visit skincare specialists is to reduce dark circles and puffiness from under the eyes. “Treating your eye bags can be as important as the rest of the treatment,” says Pacitti. “Apply a generous amount of eye cream or gel on the areas surrounding your eyes and rub it in gently using a circular motion.”

Step Eight: Moisturize

After the previous seven steps, your face will be crying out for moisture. “The most vital step is moisturizer as this is essential to keeping your skin soft, supple and even throughout the years,” say Natura Bisse’s experts.

“After a facial, opt for something with more weight to it than your usual moisturizer, and be sure to let it soak in naturally.”

How Your Prostate Changes With Age

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Prostate Changes Throughout The Years

As the human body ages, there are changes to the male
reproductive system. Unlike women who experience a sudden change in fertility,
men experience reproductive changes over time. Growing older can effect such
things as urinary function and output. Although there is no way to prevent prostate
changes from occurring, early and proper treatment for other health conditions
can help detect any abnormal growth changes that can interfere with the
enjoyment of life.

The prostate is a small gland found in the male reproductive
system responsible for the production of semen. By the time a man is in his
20’s, his prostate is the size of a walnut. In his 40’s, the prostate has grown
to the size of an apricot. 20 years later at 60 years of age, the prostate
grows to the size of a lemon. As the prostate continues to enlarge over time it
pushes against the bladder and urethra. This pressure can cause urinary
function difficulties associated with prostatitis. Prostatitis is the swelling
of the prostate that can lead to a bacterial infection. Pressure placed on the
urethra due to inflammation can be associated with many symptoms that include:

Burning or stinging when passing urine Pain in the groin Trouble
passing urine Small urine output, despite feeling a strong urge to go Flu like
symptoms Sexual dysfunction Low sex drive

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With the prostate gradually increasing in size over time, many
men experience sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that
results in an inability to achieve and maintain an erection. This condition can
last for years or a lifetime. Although erectile dysfunction can be caused by
other underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, it is often a result of
an enlarged prostate. With pain and pressure put on the groin because of
prostatitis, men can experience ejaculatory problems due to an inflamed
prostate putting pressure against the urethra.Benign prostatic hyperplasia
(BPH) is another condition in which the prostate is enlarged due to the growth
of abnormal cells. BPH shares many symptoms with prostatitis like trouble
urinating, but it can lead to more serious complications. If abnormal cells
have grown to where it restricts the bladder from fully emptying, urine can
backflow causing bladder and kidney infections. Over time if BPH is not treated
properly the flow of urine can be blocked completely leading to kidney failure.
In some cases of prostate growth, abnormal cells can be cancerous. As a man
ages the likelihood of developing prostate cancer increases. Men in their 40’s
have a 1 in 10,000 chance of being diagnosed with cancer. By the time a man is
in his 60’s, the likelihood of being diagnosed increases to 1 in 15 men according
to Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

While the symptoms of prostate cancer can develop slowly, a
man’s risk of being diagnosed increases with age. Abnormal cellular growth
often increases inflammation of the prostate, causing a variety of symptoms
form urinary problems to erectile dysfunction. Although symptoms can worsen
with age causing bacterial infections and inflammation due to prostatitis and
benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), conditions with the prostate are treatable,
but not preventable.